Dubai Rooftopping

Kim Henry - 09 Dec 2015

It was our last evening in Dubai and we were looking for something different from the other nights. We were hoping to do some rooftopping, since we had the chance to meet some amazing photographers who did rooftopping photography. Aiming to get to the place before sunset to be able to shoot during the bluehour, we didn't know there were 3 hotels with the same name on the same street across town. Yes. We visited the 3 of them, asking for an employe that they didn't know and looking for a floor that did not exist in 2 places.

When we finally got to the place, the Level43, we found a beautiful view, but the rooftop patio was not adapted to our needs. In fact, we were not able to do what we were looking for. So we simply enjoy the view and ate some appetizers, because... why not? Finally, our friend arrived and he managed with the precious help of his contact to let us go on the rooftop helipad. It was very impressive to be up there. I won't lie, I got vertigo at some point.

On the other hand, Eric was much courageous than I was, wanting to go closer to the edge to get a better composition. I was too scared, even if it was safe. To each his own limit. ;) That was a nice conclusion for a mesmerising destination.

Thank you Baber Afzal for your help again on this one :)