Los Angeles, under the bridge with Darren Pearson and Jordan Rose Steinert

Kim Henry - 09 Oct 2015

After a taxi run and a few calls to find cables for Eric’s camera triggers, we accepted that we would have to use a different technique than usual. We would have someone else than him triggering the camera for the shoot we were going to, with these people we only knew virtually. "Follow the railroad track, and once you see a small hole in the fence [...] That's the easiest way to go down. We'll already be there." It was already dark, we'd been walking for quite a while and we didn't know if we were near the spot... Until we saw a tiny light flashing and changing color down there. It was Darren Pearson, doing one of his well-known light painting drawing.

Meeting him and Jordan Rose was refreshing and inspiring… Not to mention that we had an amazing dinner with them after the shoot! ;)