The crocodile pond

Kim Henry - 12 Feb 2016

When we went to Holbox for the second time, we were having high expectations about the weather and the visuals we would get since we had a heavenly experience the year before. When we arrived, the wind was very strong and it was cold at night, so we couldn’t shoot by the sea. We managed to find another place inside the island, a calm swamp.

The second night we were shooting there, the water level was higher, right below my knees. I remember thinking to myself : “I hope there are no animals in here…” The next day during breakfast, we looked at a map of the island to see if we could find another place where the water was calm… And I saw a crocodile image near our previous spot. After a few research, we found that they organised tours to see crocodiles near the place we were shooting at! We still went back for a third night. But that last shoot there was ridiculously stressful.

Even if we were told by locals that they were to small to attack human beings, each time Eric would leave to go look at the cameras I would scan the area with light and uselessly search for something in the night… Nothing was different from the previous nights, except our frame of mind.

The best part was at the end, when we decided to stay in pitch black for 10 minutes to do a long exposure shot of the stars.